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Crank Ventures is a Venture Marketing Company introducing a modern day twist to Private Equity. Our mission — turn ideas into dough.

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The entrepreneurs we back have the vision to build something huge that hasn’t existed before. They have raw ambition, bravery, and grit. They don’t give up, ever. They just don’t know what they don’t know.

We understand the entrepreneur’s journey; each of us have been down that road. Our business model is designed to make us the ideal partner for entrepreneurs. We focus on emerging market leaders who are at inflection points where an investment in team, sales, marketing and operations can accelerate growth.

What we do

    • Private and Public Capital Markets
    • Equity and Debt Raises
    • Debt Restructuring
    • Sales
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Finance & Operations
    • Talent & Recruiting
    • Brand Building
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Manufacturing & Distribution
    • Private and Public Sales
    • Corporate Carve-Outs
    • Joint Ventures
    • Partnership & Management Buyouts

Dream team

We’ve assembled an exceptional team that is ready from day one to support a smooth and engaged management transition. Our sprint/pass playbook enables us to move with speed and certainty once we determine that a deal fits our model.

We are a small, integrated, high-caliber team. We bring more than just capital; we bring differentiated domain knowledge and access to unlimited resources.

Our team of functional specialists provide critical support to help companies scale quickly.

The business operations team is focused on the systems, technology, people, and processes needed to make our firm and portfolio of companies run well.

“These guys are the real deal. From their resources in manufacturing and distribution to their overall business planning and strategies. They are without a doubt the A-Team in building and taking a product to market. ”

John Dixon Founder, Balance Spark

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